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Stepdown Partners

Stepdown Partners
Stepdown is a young and progressive charity established to provide care and support services for children, young people and families.

That experience has recognised the critical value of comprehensive assessment and planning, work with the family, the quality of care, education and training for the growth of each young person, and the importance of detailed preparation for transition back home and to the community.

Working with families before, during, and after a young person’s admission to care has regularly assisted the co-operation of the family and young person during the placement and has significantly increased the potential for successful return of the young person home or to an independent setting.

Stepdown will work with young people in transition, from Secure, Residential and other In Care settings, to return successfully to their families, Carers or onto independence.

Stepdown will also support young people & families in the community where community support might assist in preventing breakdown.
Experience & Discussion
The Stepdown approach to a comprehensive service framework for young people and families with complex needs is based on the experience across Stepdown services and the discussions with Local Authority colleagues on improving outcomes for children and families.

That experience coupled with the views from Local Authorities has pointed up the need for the provision of a comprehensive range of services when complex needs are assessed.

Consistency in the availability and provision of this comprehensive range of services was paramount.
Service Framework – ‘What Works’
Stepdown has established a service framework based on the experience of ‘What Works’. This service framework operates across all Stepdown Services.

The Framework recognises three stages in the planning and delivery of services for a young person and family:
  • Pre-placement referral report sharing, discussion and planning
  • Agreed Plan, based on GIRFEC/SHANARRI principles, to include, care, training, education and family & community integration
  • Tailored planning and service delivery for successful aftercare
Outcome Driven
The critical focus of the Framework is to plan and provide services which will improve outcomes for the young person and the family. Planning for the exit of a young person at the point of entry will support holistic outcome driven planning.

When a young person enters Stepdown all three stages in the planning and delivery will be provided. The intensity levels associated with elements of the range of services will be tailored to needs.
An Adaptable Service Framework
The Service Framework can adapt to focus on prevention if, for example, at the pre-placement stage it is recognised as appropriate to deliver services to the young person and family in the community. Services can be delivered to young people and families in the pre-placement stage using the experienced combination of residential care staff and Stepdown Community Services staff.