Make A Referral

We can assist you with service information in a number of ways:

Referral Discussion
We have a developed a Referral Discussion system which seems to work well for referring agencies and ourselves:
  • A Referral Discussion provides you with an opportunity to discuss your case, receive some immediate feedback from us concerning the best support option and, if we can provide a service, an outline of the care support plan.
  • Following a Referral Discussion, Stepdown will provide a note outlining our views and service option(s) to meet the discussed needs.
  • Stepdown recognises that we will not necessarily be the best option for each young person referred. However, we are always happy to offer our views and may also suggest other ways to meet the discussed needs.
Emergency Referrals
We are able to respond emergency referrals for some young people.
Contact Information For Referalls
To make an arrangement to have a Referral Discussion with us or to make an emergency referral please contact:
Main Office: 0141-762-4523
Residential Cottages & Intensive Community Support
Alastair MacColl: 07872337180
Norrie Clark: 07702918836
Foster, Respite and Supported Care
Karen Rinaldi on 07872 377 183
Service Information
We will provide service information materials on request.
To request the Service Information materials:
Cottages & Intensive Community Support
Foster, Respite and Supported Care
Karen Rinaldi:
Or alternatively telephone: 0141-762-4523

Initial Referral Information

Telephone Discussion & E-mail

Stepdown will offer general advice and information by phone or through e-mail to request telephone discussion please contact: 0141-762-4523; or
Alastair MacColl:  or
Norrie Clark: