Intensive Community Support

At Home
Aims to prevent family breakdown
Stepdown offers support to high risk young people or young people with complex needs and their families. Based in the family home, Stepdown will support the young person through planned programmes tailored to meet the needs of both the parent(s) and young people.

Stepdown will support parents to; manage their role, understand the needs of the family and young person and to develop skills to manage the behaviour of their young people. Stepdown will also support the family to develop coping mechanisms, understand how the family operates, including their strengths and weaknesses and utilise available support.

Stepdown staff will provide:
  • Individual programmes of support to young people
  • Support to parents and families including parenting and family support programmes
Young Person’s Own Tenancy
Promoting Independance
Stepdown offers varying levels of 1-1 support within a young person’s own tenancy, and will tailor the support, night or day, to suit the needs of the young person. This assists the transition from care to independence and allows the young person to develop at a pace suitable to their needs.

Staff realise the value of working closely with other agencies to gain education, training and employment, or social opportunities that will assist our young people as they make the transition into young adulthood and independent living.
Other care setting, including secure care
Supporting the Transition from Care to the Community
Stepdown aims to assist young people to return home from care successfully or to assist them to move on to a more independent lifestyle. Stepdown will work with the young person and Local Authority to develop an ‘exit plan’ to support them moving on to either a longer term care setting, a return home or towards independence.

Stepdown recognises that young people leaving care can require continuing support to enable them to move on successfully and will provide the appropriate supported package in partnership with other accommodation providers.

For more information

or to make referrals for service:
Alastair MacColl:  or
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Or alternatively telephone: 07872377180