Independent Living & Tenancy Support

Evidence suggests that for too many young people, the return to the community is unsuccessful, if measured by the number of homeless and the number of young people in the NEET group who have been in care.

Young people leaving care to live independently need a variety of support services from intensive preparation and support settings, to semi-independent accommodation and their own accommodation, usually in a tenancy.

Stepdown will also provide Supported Carers for young people as a preparation for moving onto independence.

Overall, Stepdown will work with young people to support them seamlessly from intensive support settings through to independent living. The aim will be to enable young people over time to move towards independent living in their own tenancy.

Support for young people in their own tenancies will based around the needs of each young person, for the most demanding needs this will involve 24 hour/seven day week support. As the young person progresses the support levels will reduce.

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