Cottages Placement

Some young people leaving care (secure care/residential care/foster care) will need support to assist them to move on to independence, prepare for a permanent care placement or help them further prepare to return home. These Cottages are settings where young people will live full-time for a period of transition and receive intensive support in order to prepare and support young people to move on. Not all young people will require this assistance, however, for some young people the Cottage setting is a very positive assistance to successfully progressing and moving on. Each placement will be tailored to meet the needs of each young person.



Stepdown Bishopbriggs
The three Bishopbriggs cottages are set on the grounds of St. Marys Kenmure, and are easily located when you arrive on the campus, the buildings are directly in front and to the left when turn in from St Mary`s road. The main office for Stepdown is also located here. The cottages are for individual young people but can have more than 1 young person within a cottage.

The cottages have their own individual staff teams, but staff can cover in any cottage.  The cottages are over 2 floors, upstairs has 2 bedrooms and a main bathroom. Downstairs has a living room, kitchen/dining area. There is also a staff office and spare room that young people are able use as a computer or possible beauty room.

St Mary’s Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, G62 2EH
Stepdown Hurlford
Our cottage in Hurlford offers support and care to young people.  The cottage is situated just of the main road in Hurlford.  The cottage provides a home for three young people within a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment.

The cottage is laid out over two floors. On entering the cottage on the ground floor there is the dining room and kitchen which is used by all young people and staff.  There is also a quiet room, this can be used if you want to speak to staff or if you have visitors and if you just want somewhere quiet to relax. A bedroom and bathroom also is allocated on this floor. The office and bathroom for staff and visitors is also situated on this floor.

On the first floor there is two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is also a cosy and relaxing lounge for use of all young people and staff.

Staff will provide support to young people to develop personal skills, independent living skills, develop and improve family relations. Provide support to attend education or training opportunities which will provide skills for your future.

Our aim is to support young people achieve their full potential and achieve positive outcomes in all areas of their well-being.  You are at the heart of what we do, we aim to enable each young person to grow and develop in a positive homely environment.  Our staff team are focused on building positive and meaningful relationships.

53a Galston Road, Hurlford, KA1 5HT
T: 01563 544203
Stepdown North
Stepdown North is situated at 493 Bilsland Drive in Ruchill, Glasgow. The cottage is in the grounds of the former Our Lady of Assumption Church and has lovely and spacious garden space. The church is no longer used for religious gatherings, instead the church now operates as a film studio.

The cottage is a large sandstone building consisting of two levels. The living room, kitchen and bedroom are on the first level of the cottage, with a laundry, kitchen, conference/sitting room and toilet on the ground floor.

Stepdown North offers early intervention, intensive support and care for a maximum of three young women between the ages of thirteen and twenty, and this could include their babies if and when appropriate. In the instance of a baby being accommodated with their mother, the baby will remain the sole responsibility of their mothers.

Our cottage offers a warm, safe and homely environment allowing our staff and management team to build positive and trusting relationships with our young people. On admission to our cottage, young people are invited to contribute to the personalisation of their own personal living spaces and air their views on their preferences/ideas for the decoration/furnishing of the whole cottage.

493 Bilsland Drive, Ruchill, Glasgow, G20 9JN
Stepdown South
Our cottage at South provides a home for a maximum of four young people. The cottage is laid out over four floors.
The lower level floor is a self contained flat, with living/bedroom area, separate bathroom and kitchen. This flat is ideal for young people who are working towards independence.

The ground floor has a comfortable main living area and kitchen area which is used by all young people and staff within the cottage.

The first floor has two large bedrooms and two bathrooms, the office is also located on this floor.

A self contained flat is located on the second level with an open plan living room, kitchen area and a separate bedroom with en-suite bathroom. This flat is suitable for a young person who may be planning to move onto their own accommodation.

The focus within our cottage is to provide a nurturing environment for our young people. Our staff teams are skilled in building relationships and in promoting strategies to support this. There are two members of staff on shift at all times.

It was noted by the Care Inspectorate that a “particular strength was the relationships between staff and young people which were warm, caring and respectful”.

Stepdown South, 18 Wiltonburn Road, Glasgow G53 7JF
T: 0141-880 4798
Stepdown East
The cottages at East Cadder (Kirkintilloch) are set against the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal and are situated just off the main road. They are directly across from the Stables restaurant and parking is at the back of the cottages.

The cottages are all on the one floor and you will have your own bedroom and bathroom. The cottages also have a living room/dining area and a kitchen. There are gardens to the front and rear of the cottage a great place to relax in the summer.

There is also a walkway which runs along the side of the cottage and the canal, which is extremely popular for exercising.

There is a depute manger based in the cottages and a manger who works between the cottages, you will always have one to one support within the cottage.

Stepdown East, East Cadder cottages, Kirkintilloch, G66 1RJT: 0141 776 4128 / 0141 776 4132
M: 07971 336589 / 07703 188357
Stepdown Cambuslang
Cambuslang is a large bungalow set in the small community of Halfway, the cottage sits alone but does have neighbours surrounding the cottage. The cottage has capacity for 3 young people and always has 2 staff on shift, there is also a manger who works within the cottage alongside the team.

The cottage has two large living rooms, a large communal kitchen, staff have their own bathroom and office. You will have your own bedroom and will have the opportunity to have it decorated to your own choice, you will also have your own bathroom within the cottage. We have a lovely patio area in the back garden and have a small gym in the garage at the back of the cottage.

There are plenty of local shops on our doorstep and the staff will ensure you know where the shops are located, and support you find your way around the local area.

Stepdown Cambuslang, 1 Branchock Avenue, Cambuslang, G72 8UQ
T: 0141 641 8965  M: 07801 341041
Stepdown Bridgeton
Stepdown Bridgeton is a self-contained flat situated near Bridgeton Cross in the east end of Glasgow.  The flat is a two bedroom local authority property and is near to many local amenities.  The flat is used as a single placement and is staffed on a 24/7 basis.  The flat comprises of a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, an open plan living and kitchen space and a bathroom.  The second bedroom is used as a staff office.  

The placement is aimed at supporting young people who are almost ready for their own tenancy and the focus is on assisting them into education or employment and building their skills to live independently.  We recognise however that many young people require high levels of support to reach their goal of independence, and still need to do that in a warm and nurturing environment.  Young people are encouraged to develop positive relationship with the staff in their placement, and support is offered on a one to one basis.  

The flat is a great opportunity for young people to have a taste of living on their own within a community but with lots of support and encouragement. The staff team strive to provide a nurturing and welcoming environment where young people can learn and develop new skills, in a safe and warm setting.  

Stepdown Bridgeton, 36 Dalmarnock Dr, Bridegton, Glasgow G40 4LN
T: 07703 188356

Discuss a placement

If you would like to discuss a placement please contact:
Alastair MacColl:  or
Norrie Clark:
Or alternatively telephone: 07872377180